Dragon Boat training after Junior Team

Wake up at 8.30am which already late to Sea Training at 8.00am. However, I know they're not so early (it almost become the culture in PFSC already) Somemore, Junior team also training around these time. It just ngam ngam hor on the time, I arrive the training site.

The Junior team just finish training. 

Melvin just go down!

Attendances: Melvin, Ah Tan, Hock Lye, Ah Chew, Luke, Chee Boon, Quah, Teong Ming, Ah Sang, Yao Ming, Steve, Ah Soong (Leave early), Apple, Kok Teik, Choo Hooi, Choon (New Member) and Huai (New Member)

We combination of new member + some junior in the boat, we row up to the Blue Post at about 400 strokes. Then train for 2 and half minute at about 190 strokes x 2 sets and back to base and rest

everyone feedback it tired for just train for 2 sets.

another resting group, Teong Ming with Ah Sang while Steve with his new members

Some others take a shower.

After that we continue to row for another 2 set x short distance at 100 strokes, then it called up for the day of training. As Wednesday is Hari Raya Public Holiday and we rest, no training. So we have to keep the boat in container.

before we move the boat into container, let wash the boat

we wash it with soap and brush it clean clean.

then just move it in to container

place it nicely before lock it up

Yes, this is our very own boat, Penang Forward Sport Club

While we bath, KT sharing with rest regarding the corruption in some committee that host the CCWC game. They charge the state goverment the repair boat cost, paddles cost as well as others very high which is ridiculous. Anyway, let see what going to happen.

Melvin pass the name sticker for those who purchase the paddles from USA during CCWC game. The sticker was nicely designed. let check out the sticker on Apple paddle

Ah Tan bring some snack from China and let us try. It a soft candy with peanut on it. Not so sweet, it just nice to eat.

While i take the photo of candy. sombody offer me to snap on his bird bird. Let guess who is this bird bird belong to? hehe...!

not really fast enough to snap before he close his pant. Anyway, you still can guess whose waist is this???

after that we go to have lunch at Rong Shu Xia (Tree Shade Restaurant) which we usually go for meal.

the food is here is nice and cheap.

first, they give papadum with curry while waiting for ordered food.

The meal have vegetable,

Fried Fish,

Bawang Eggs (Union Eggs) and 

Ku Rou Meat (Pork)

Cleared the food and go back sleep. nice one! total cost is RM35 and each only pay RM9

That is why I miss the appointment to go Hiking to 84 Penang Hill at 4pm. I was overslept and end up only 6 of them go to hike who are Ah Tan, Apple, Hock Lye, Luke, Roti and Ah Quah. Kok Teik also going but he just jogging in Botanical Garden and did not follow them go up 84 Penang Hill.

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