Extended Celebration Party at Thailand

As said in Part 2, we keep the fun and celebration going** as well as Chairman's advice:

**depend on personal fitness level

Let check the clip again, what Chairman has advise us.....hehehe!

He said, "....tonight we enjoy, and ahh afterward we'll enjoy again...."
Yes, we'll enjoy again at route66 Club RCA.

actually the celebration going to end when waiting for each other at Hotel. Some guys took very long time to prepare and those who waiting it like wanna go back to Hotel room and sleep.

However, it going to be last 1 day we at Bangkok. So....ALL OUT~~~!!! :-รพ

the white car club park along RCA.
Check out the second car, the car body skirting is like touching the ground.
The people and the band still not less in Route66 Club RCA, Bangkok

I getting tired then i go to online at one of the session in Route66 which provide free Internet Access. Checking and Reply some mail there too.

When I come back to the table, Michael already have his Kang Tou
and ah Peow Too. (".)

they all are having fun

Especially This Girl
I like the way she drink...
and she camera addicted also. Like to post when i take up the camera. I enjoy taking her photo too....hehehe!
I announced the route66 club is really a happening place. A must go place whenever you travel to Bangkok.

We hang out until the club close at 2am, light up and everyone walk out. Some of us already go back while Ah Peow, Micheal and Steve decide to go to Part 4, continue the fun at Sukhumvit where the club there open until morning. Due to i have post tour the next day morning, I didn't join them to Sukhumvit.

I walk back Hotel with Ah Fook. Look at the Taxi in midnight to pick up all the drunk cat, a whole street long of Taxi waiting.

Let Stay Tune for DreamWorld at Day 5 Bangkok.

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