Toy Collection for Community AIDS Service Penang

Deepavali is over, the next festival of the year will be Christmas. What you could think of Christmas?

Christmas Tree?(you may buy it or chop it :-p)
Snow, snowflakes? (Malaysia don't have la)
Santa Claus? (You can find him at Shopping mall)
Reindeer? (not a real one, probably a decoration)
and mostly is presents I guess. (it time to shop for gift to exchange)

Have you ever think of contribute your old toy to Children infected with AIDS and abandoned by their families? Give them a wonderful Christmas as well!

It doesn't matter what toy as long as is in good condition. Come on, don't be shy....everyone have toys. I know you probably keep some exotic toy or dildo nowaday but we don't want that. (hehe...just kidding)

You may found babies doll, control car, robot cop, spiderman, lego, fishing tools for children, chess, superman, books, plastic pistol, batman, pokemon, doraemon, ultraman, aeroplane, tarzan, zoo sets, combat sets, thunder cat and so on.....!!! during housekeeping of your room.

You probably keep it long enough to be discover in the dust. So, why not take your toys and put a smile on the children face on this coming Christmas day?

We're collecting second hand (in good condition) and new toys for 50 children age 1 to 12, infected by the AIDS virus and abandoned by their families. Please leave me a message or comment if you have toys/books that you would like them to have by 23rd November 2008 (Sunday) so that we have time to sort them out and wrap them before their Christmas Party

You may check out the Community AIDS Service Penang at

Thank you for your Generosity

Let Fight AIDS and not people with AIDS

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