Why you should run?

It is GOOD FOR YOU. It is a great way to explore the outdoors other than the nightlife stretch. YOU will LOOK GOOD. Girls will be IMPRESSED. You can CAUSE TRAFFIC JAMS. And STOP CARS And MEN IN THEIR TRACKS. You will never know WHOM YOU WILL MEET. It is a great way to EXPAND YOUR SINGLE NETWORK.

The Principle of Running
Another area that beginners need to concentrate on is the stress/recovery principle. With this beginners learn that they become fitter after they allow their bodies to recover after a workout. During recovery the body rebuilds itself to be fitter to handle more exercise. "In the case of running, this principle means that your heart, lungs and muscles become stronger between running sessions," says Rodgers.

Runners usually experience side stitches. Don't be alarmed. Just stop and walk. Take deep breaths. The stitch will go away.

Once you get the hang of it, you will join an unofficial worldwide network of runners. Runners who will tell you that running has changed their lives.

It will become obvious once you become a familiar figure on a particular stretch. if you run at dawn, the shopkeeper opening his shop will acknowledge you, and school children on their way to school will wave at you.

But more than that, when you unlace your shoes and put them away, you will look forward to the next day when you repeat the ritual.

First Walk, Then Run
At first it may seem silly. But seasoned trainers and runners always advise to walk and not to run first.

This helps build a fitness level. Running straightaway may hurt your body especially if you have been at a state of relaxed inertia.

New runners who are not accustomed to putting their bodies through a workout may have to start slow by walking and gradually running. Keep walking before anything else. The biggest hurdle, complain most beginners, is to stay with the programme. But once you do, you will find that you soon progress to running. By then your body knows what to expect. Then it is time to mix walking with running and then increasing the time for running.

Eight-time marathon winner Bill Rodgers recommends walking briskly for half an hour at a time, four times a week. Rodgers adds that the way to improve fitness levels is in gradual, small, consistent steps, rather than in great leaps.

"Start all of your workouts at a little slower pace than you think you need to. This slower pace gives your muscles and your heart and breathing rates a chance to warm up and increase gradually. You'll feel better if you ease into your workouts," emphasises Rodgers.

This tip not only helps you increase endurance but consistency as well

Another value tip is to ease your body into exercise mode with some stretching exercises. It is good to do this before and after your workout.

When running, remember to...
Warm up by jogging and warm down with an easy mile afterward.don't be over ambitious. Allow the exercises to develop your pace. Ease yourself gradually into the routine. Take one step at a time. Work out to about 50-100 metres of each exercise doing two to three times a week.

Reason to run
1. You can lose weight.

2. Regular running cuts down the risk of heart disease.

3. Your cardiovascular fitness improves.

4. You lose the urge to smoke

5. Once you start running, you begin to look after yourself. You improve your diet.

6. Running is convenient. You can do it anywhere and anytime.

7. You begin to develop a positive image.

8. It is inexpensive. You merely need a good pair of running shoe and the right apparel.

9. Your job performance gets better. You are more alert, can concentrate longer and solve problems faster.

10. You forge friendships with other runners. Great way to meet people.

11. Running is a great stress reliever.

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  2. 6ky Says:

    Lith, you need some imagination on that part.

    probably, you can get this scene in some of the movie like the movie "Click" cast by Adam Sandler which he can use remote control to fast forward his life.

    at one scene where there are a big boob girl on jogging and he slow down the jog for the bounce...:-p

  3. Coachhrd Says:

    Your points are great. Running becomes a lifestyle contributing to all of the points you mentioned.

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