More Games Received for Community AIDS Service Penang

I got another games, book, toys contributed by nice people. This gift going to give away to children who infected with pity. They're born with AIDS, totally no choice, some more abandon by their family.....really wtf!!!
So, PFSC co-support to our Sponsor Freysinet help to collect toys and give to these children during Christmas day. I received first round of toys and this is second round of toys collected.
We no more accept toys but we do accept fund....*hehe*....if you want to donate for good course. :-)
So, what i got?

a gender female monkey toy (look at the flower, not the private part)
A brand new CJ7. this is good!
Some Dictionary and story book
56 board Games, another nice gift
Oxford Children Pocket Book of Facts, High School English Grammar & Composition and others books. Children should read more....
Datsun Road Safety Game. This one also nice!
This game similar to the "Poor Dad, Rich Dad" 's game. Which everyone assigned with a role and try to get out of the game by complete some of the tasks.
It called "The Six Million Dollar Man". Yeah....I'll become one soon :-P Like people line up outside B-Braun near snake temple with sign "Honk...honk...if you support our act". So, click click the advertisement bar if you support me....T______T
mini pool table
can't help to play one game myself. It fun doh...!
So, no more toys but we still accepting fund and welcome any click click on ads....wahahaha....hahaha...(very the 'kan' laugh ever....~~~!!!)

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