600 stroke non-stop sea training

Date: 24 November 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 4.00pm
Venue: Penang Water Sport Center

We start warm up by rowing for 10-15minute non-stop which took more than 600 stroke, then we'll start training to row for 3 minute for a few round and in between there are some combination like only 1,3,5,7....rowers row then follow by 2,4,6,8.....

After a few round of fast pull, long pull, deep paddling and all out, we end our training by strething on the beach. Take a bath and go home.

Sometime, we gather up for dinner like last 2 weeks, We went to eat TAO (Japanese Restaurant) for buffet and another week is Seafood Dinner near Jelutong there....!

Next week, we'll start to training at Teluk Bahang Dam as the Pesta Race is around the corner!

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