Makan Makan Over Physical Training

Date: 7 August 2010
Weather: Sunny
Photo Taken by: Chung Mei Ling

Chinese philosophy: The only thing that no change is changed. Why I come out this at starting line in the post? When I look at the old pictures, it remind me how was the good old days in PFSC especially on the members. 

Let me introduce some of the members used to be in the team:
Quah (Wearing the blue singlet) - inactive now. used to be first paddlers and good in running. Now probably focus more on business and new members in his family

Khoo (cheer in tomato) - still in physical training but can't commit in race as he is tied the knot with girl that we never see before....:-p congratulation

Satay (Front, shirt in yellow + red) - From boyfriend quickly upgraded to Husband 2.0 and now Father 3.0....congrat :-)

Sunny Kok (half face at the side) - inactive. Not sure what is the reason that he quit and now focus on bicycle. Hope he active again in DB as he is strong paddler.

William Ung (shirtless) - Shoulder Injured at the moment, promise to join back when ready.

Ho (White shirt behind William) - change his job hat and now police inspector who based in KL.

Kiefer (Last in the row) - inactive. quite new in the team and can't sustain. welcome to join again :-)

More member: Shinji, Ang, Michael, Apple, Tan, OJ.

We seldom do physical training at rowing site. I think this is the time we go for run before go down to water, else we would wear sandals rather than sport shoe.

cleaning dragon boat after physical training. We wash like a team.....haha. (a few wash, some stand, many talk and 1 taking photo :-p)

 after that, makan time. White Fungus soup and double chocolate is pretty awesome that Mei Ling prepare that food. You don't get to eat something like this over physical training.

This is the best one - the Fruit Jelly. Fruits more than jelly, can't eat it any where else. Only in PFSC by Chung Mei Ling. it is one of her signature dessert. Can you tell how many type of fruits are there?

Another Chung Mei Ling delicacy. Sour Plum tomato for chilling effect. Recipe from Chinese pharmacist. Stuff 1 sour plum in heart of tomato and store in freeze for good 4th days and you get the best balance of sweet and sour taste.

We miss the old members and also we stay for the food....nah! we love the food as bonus. Most important, we stay for the team.

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