1st Club Crew Championship for Commonwealth Countries 2010

I know...I know. I has been lazy and not keep the blog up-to-date. This event is 2 years back and 2012 almost come to the end. If I post recent event, then you may not see what happen for the last 2 years.

Don't confuse the Club Crew World Championship with this Club Crew Championship for Commonwealth Country. one is CCWC and the other is CCCCC. Penang hosted CCWC in 2008 follow by Macau in 2010 and Hong Kong 2012. CCCCC 1st hosted in Penang with the commonwealth country only.

Just to let you know, we never miss any event hosted in Penang as we're home team.

See...how big is our group

We're partnering with Penang Island Paddles Club in this event sending crews in many races.
PIPC team in Green color Jersey

and also orange color

Ladies team in black color.

We in white color. 2 years back, we were young (...and so nerd)

1 team, break down into 3 or more groups and race in a few categories. Imagine how big is our team. 1 boat got 18-20 rowers + 1 drummer +  1 steerman = at least 20 crews. 

At least 10 commonwealth countries participate in 1st CCCCC, it is big event in 2010 after CCWC on 2008.
Ex Team Manager - Hean, YB Danny Law and Mei Ling
Celebrating Joseph Chow's birthday (father of 2 or 3 now...maybe 4) 

we train hard and sync well. just notice I'm only one in black life jacket :-p
The beast
Breath-in, breath-out
are you wet already?
no kidding in the race...!
The sign of confident

all the way to the finishing line, no sense of playing at all

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