Explore Macau with the crews 2009

As we arrived Macau 1 day early due to AirAsia no flight from Penang to Macau. We have to pay on our own the accommodation as well as the breakfast. (extra bed for 3 person in a room and the breakfast only cover 2 person. So, have to purchase another pax at MOP40)

How was it? healthy isn’t it? After Breakfast, we went to have a training session at Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre to test the water..! the weather is cold as well as the water.

Old type of dragon boat with the background of old building in Macau.

This Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre is a strategic location to host dragon boat event as it surrounded by many casino like Grand Lisboa, Wynn

and Macau Tower. The 7th Club Crew World Championship (CCWC) on 2010 going to host here. We have the privilege to row here really good~!

What a lovely place, let take a group photo here

After a few round of “test water” we go back to hotel take a refreshment and lunch at Hotel before transfer by Hotel Shuttle bus to Macau Hong Kong Port. The best thing in Macau is the transportation. you can travel around places for free as most of the Hotel do provide free shuttle bus transfer between their Hotel and Macau Hong Kong Port. while on the Pousada Marina shuttle bus to the dock:

This should be the Macau Cultural Centre if not mistaken.

Nearby is the Sand Hotel. In front of Sand Hotel, there is famous place called Fisherman Wharf

Which ride to take? We check on the map, to go to Senado Square, the nearer hotel is Grand Emperor Hotel. So, we took a free ride from the hotel. During the ride, take some photos of Macau:

Arriving at Grand Emperor Hotel. Look at the “Kuai LXX” eh face, the guard also feel the threat

Actually, he just want to take a photo

Walk around the old & new building in Macau, we heading to Senado Square

While crossing to Senado Square. A cute little pup on scooter.

the place that cannot miss when travel to Macau – Senado Square

“Majlis Perbandaran Macau” opposite Senado Square
When you first time travel to new places, you tense to find everything also interesting and special. This is so called excited and fresh. When you look at uncle with special tool making some pastry, you may think this must be special here, i sure don’t want to miss it.

After all, it just a sweet crispy tempung biscuit….(“.)
Walk up a bit, there is St Dominic Church Macau

Did not go inside. According to Teong Ming, inside is very beautiful.

This is how it look, picture from Teong Ming’s Camera.

Before I travel to Macau, I collected information from my colleagues who just back from Macau. They give me their itinerary, map and recommend me some food that much try when go to Senado Square. Lemon Cello Gelato is one of it.

this place sell Ice cream. I go inside and get a scoop of yam favour ice cream just found that it cost MOP20….it kind of expensive…..!

Another food that not to miss, the famous Almond Cookie. I did not buy the “Dai San Ba” brand of Almond Cookie because Daniel mention to me that Koi Kei one taste better. Of course “Dai San Ba” one more cheaper.

and Portuguese Tart at MOP6. Indeed, it is very delicious

Walk along these shop selling all the famous pastry of Macau, you’ll end up at the Ruins of St. Paul

Wuu huu~~~!!
To be continue…..

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