More places in Macau 2009

The next day morning breakfast. A huge and big banana, provided you all the energy you need to row the boat :-) After the breakfast, we went to “test water” again at the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, Macau.

After the training, we have our lunch at Hotel then only start our journey to explore Macau World Heritage.
First, we should go to St Lawrence’s Church but these people just gave up on the slope up to St Lawrence’s Church.

However,  Teong Ming feel want to continue but just follow the majority toRua Do Lilau

Approaching Largo Do Lilau or Lilau Square

Here is the place, the Largo do Lilau but no body go to drink the spring water

The ground water of Lilau used to be the main source of natural spring water in Macau. The Portuguese popular phrase: “One who drinks from Lilau never forgets Macau” expresses the locals’ nostalgic attachment to Lilau Square. This area corresponds to one of the first Portuguese residential quarters in Macau.
Since no one drink, guess they don’t remember much!

Think this is backyard of Casa d Mandarim. We’re walking at the back street of this Mandarin’s house. A very narrow back street

The location is No. 10 Antonio da Silva Lane and temporarily closed by the time we visit.

Built in 1881, this was the traditional Chinese residential compound home of prominent Chinese literary figure Zheng Guanying. It is a traditional Chinese compound consisting of serveral courtyard houses, displaying a mix of Chinese and Western detailing, such as the use of grey bricks against arched ornamentations and Chinese timber lattice windows against mother-of-pearl window panel of Indian origin.

We’re heading to Templo de-A-Ma

Check out the direction, we’re on the right track :-)

This is it, the A-Ma Temple. This is where it all begin. A-Ma Temple already existed before the city of Macau came into being. It consists of the Gate Pavilion, the Memorial Arch, the Prayer Hall, the Hall of Benevolence, the Hall of Guanyin, and Zhengjiao Chanlin (a Buddhist pavilion). The variety of pavilions dedicated to the worship of different deities in a single complex make A-Ma Temple an exemplary representation of Chinese culture inspired by Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and multiple folk beliefs.

We go to pray pray then they found something very interesting. a bowl of water, some coin inside and there is 2 handles at each side of the bowl. I think it some kind of belief that if you be able to make the water dance by rubbing the handles, it will bring luck. So, ah chew ko try on it.

Batman also want to try but no luck. the water quiet only. nothing happen.

Then Melvin come and try with full focus. start slow and steady….!

eh…the vibration make the water slowly moving….!

and the water start dancing high in the air…..awesome! it is so cool…!

Hun then continue. the water even dance aggressively in the air with sound of the rubbing. I heard people analysis is if you keep the vibration going, the water continue dancing. So, Ah Chew Ko and Batman just warm up the bowl and they didn’t stay long enough to make the vibration continue.

From top of A-Ma Temple, you can see the Maritime Museum.

We didn’t go inside as it require some fees…! After that we took cab to MGM Hotel/Casino

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