It's confirmed!

The team will be participating in a competition in conjunction with the Penang Beach Carnival happening this Saturday, 28th November.

We have been training very hard, I even went for training yesterday despite still recovering from flu and cough and some dude accidentally hit me real hard on my back during the session *ouch* Coach was pretty satisfied with our performance, at least he stopped picking on me to lecture :p and since I was the shortest person there, he made a joke about me bringing a pillow to support my leg so I'll be higher cause supposedly the real boat is slightly higher and wider on the sides and we have to REALLY reach out to paddle, not to mention it's easier to bruise our thumb too FML Fuck la, being short now is also a crime is it? Well in this case, it is definitely a disadvantage :(

I'll show him, he'll see! Will be training at Batu Ferringhi beach tomorrow under the hot scorching sun with the real boat so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully we won't train too hard that our arms will be too painful to row on the real day itself.

If you have nothing to do for the weekend, come support us and see us
win, hopefully not number 1 from the back *fingers crossed* The club will be sending out 4 teams to compete and our Mixed race is the last, which will only start around 4pm and we have to be there by 1.30pm wtf

Anyway, win or lose, this will be definitely a new experience gained. Life is too short to pause and wonder, just do it! even when you're short and ppl make fun of you -_-

After that we're gonna be partying the night away
and try to get someone drunk

Am excited! Wish me luck!

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