Penang Duck Rice at Lam Chan Na

It been quite some time didn’t blog d…..! you know, busy in training……actual fact is lazy to blog….haha.

We went to have lunch at Lam Chan Na after one of the training at Macallum street. The Duck Meat is very famous here.

the Char Siou also one of the can’t resist dish especially the part where burn until black black one…..that very good.

The Drink here also very tasty.

Clean and Clear, then ordered another quarter duck meat. The real recipe is the sauce. the sauce make the duck meat taste great

Look at the people waiting to place orders. Our second order of quarter duck meat also took a while to serve

Inside kopitiam, the table is full. Penang really place with a lots of food that must try.
After the lunch, go home apply the pig philosophy. Live life to the fullest…..wahahaha!

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  1. Lith Says:

    Not live life to d fullest... Its eat n sleep 2 d fullest! LOL :P

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