We're featured in Star Metro - Paddle Power

1st of May is Labour Day in Malaysia, which is public holiday. We went to clubbing at MOIS on Labour Day eve, supper at Line Clear Mamak Stall. After supper went to Paradise beach view star and planning to watch sun rise but didn’t do so. it very crazy already, shouldn’t spend the labour day like that. Go home and sleep from 7am till 2pm. Wake up see a few miss call and many sms:
“Nice Pose! ;) Saw your photo on the front cover of the Star Metro”
“Wa, u appear in today newspaper! ;-)”
“I think, you are getting famous in the Star newspaper today. Check out the front page of the Metro section in todays Star!”
Quickly go to grab a copy of Star Newspaper to check out how the picture look like:

It like suddenly famous. Go office, colleagues talk about. Go gym, gym instructor also mentioning……buey keow……wtf…!

Yeah~~ We’ll show the power of paddle on this 23rd and 24th May 2009 PIDBF Race. Come and support us at Teluk Bahang Dam. Look for Penang Forward Sport Club team. you can bring the newspaper to get autograph from the rowers…..wahahahaha!

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