The Grand Canal Shoppes and Streetmosphere at Macau 2009

At night we went to The Grand Canal Shoppes

Asia’s most unique and Opulent shopping Experience. Surrounded by the world’s finest brand, stroll along winding cobblestone walkways, or relax with an authentic gondola ride. Here have over 330 boutique stores, offering the best in fashion, jewellery, accessories, gifts, services and sporting goods. Delighted in one of many world class restaurants, bars and cafes or dine casually in 1000 seat international food court.
As you shop around, you will also be enthralled by the serenading sounds of Streetmosphere performers and singing gondoliers who transform the Grand Canal Shoppes with the romantic sounds of old world Venice.

The Artiste Del Arte, or Streetmosphere program, is comprised of classically trained vocalists, musicians, visual Artists and living statues, dressed in authentic and elaborate Venetian costumes. They will bring you back in time to Renaissance Venice. These truly entertaining performances make the Grand Canal Shoppes even more unique.

Gondola Rides. No trip to Venice – or the Venitian Macao Resort Hotel would be complete without a graceful and romantic glide down one of the three canals in an authentic Venetian gondola, accompanied by a singing gondolier.

That it for Days 2 in Macau.

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