Race days in Sabah

I know dragonboat race pictures can be a bit boring especially when you know no one or only one person out of the whole big flock in the pictures so I shall try my best to choose only 'interesting ones' to post up. Of course I will still put the pictures accordingly to the flow.

I have uploaded the photos in FB and I seriously don't feel like posting them up in the blog again but I don't have much things to write about lately so I shall repost the photos in the blog :P (I seriously think I'm getting bored of blogging coz no one reads them anyway)

For those who have yet to see the photocs, enjoy... and for those who have.. well.. I won't force u to do it again :)

Arrival in Sabah, a sort of 'must have' picture for the team

We stayed in the Promenade service apartments, the outlook of the building was a little dirty but the rooms were not too bad really.

Spacious room with 2 queen beds.

With a small living area.

Free n easy activities after lunch so we walked around KK

Mana boleh not camwhore

Watched Super 8 in one of the malls, the cinema was almost empty we hogged the whole place

Nothing eventful on the first day, after movie we had crappy dinner at the Malay night market,then a beer or two before calling it a night.

The next day, we had an hour of boat training at Sutera Harbour, a poshly developed land.

Visited the real race site the day before at Likas Bay

It looked ready

For some reason, I really like this pic. It looked very peaceful.

After boat training I seriously don't remember what we did coz we were so bored that we either just hang out in some cafes or walked around in One Borneo mall.

We had team meeting the night before the race to build the team morale and everyone slept early, like around 10pm coz we had to be up and ready by 630 in the morning the next day FOLs @_@

The next day was what we called the 'heats' events. Teams will compete for the best time and position to qualify for the finals, which is the day after the heats event. Needless to say, our team qualified to the finals for all 4 races we participated in :D

Fast forward to the real race day...

A picture of the 4 of us, we missed you Ms CYT!!!

The dragonboats ready to be ridden

Getting into our tent

Which is right next to the stage

Ahh, it was a beautiful morning alright...

Ought to camwhore

Do not lose this tag or else you won't see your teammates ever again, I was told...

Walking around the place and here's a few of our competitors...

And so the ceremony to officiate the final day of the race began.

We were to gather in front of the stage and took some sort of sportsmanship oath.

After that we were just busy fooling around and laughing away :P

Izso said I looked anorexic in this pic but the truth was I had Oreos in my mouth and I didn't want to risk laughing with stained teeth!

After the official opening, it's time to get to get down to some serious business...

to be continued...need sleep zzz

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