Celebration party

Saturday, 28th November 09

Well, sort of...

Also a belated birthday celebration for a dear friend who never fails to buy Flaming Lamborghini for her birthday friends. She finally received her share of FL that night. One question, why does everyone has to have FL for their birthdays? (I think I asked this before) It's possibly the worst tasting alcohol I've ever tasted, worse than cough drop :S Oh well if that's the 'tradition' then we'll go with it.

We tried to get her good aka drunk (she's someone I'd really like to see drunk) that night but the attempt was unsuccessful.

The good thing was that the night was filled with lots of laughter, silliness, a whole lot of camwhoring...

and dancing. I think I said the same thing in every clubbing post :P Err.. what else is there to do?

Sexy moves~

Almost the entire team came to celebrate with us.

With Luke, who also teaches Body Toning in my gym. His eyes are so small people sometimes asked him if he actually blinks FHL

Some of the other rowers, ranging from the youngest 19 - 30s
a lot of uncles haha

Since my most dominant feature on my face is now my TEETH, no longer my SMILE, they made me took an all TEETH shot with another guy with big mouth fml. Please welcome your new Colgate and Darlie ambassador

My mouth still looks bigger wtf

The team manager with the ladies, who could not get a proper shot without interference by other redundant homosapien, someone or someone's finger will surely appear in every frame -_-

With these hand signs, our pictures were no longer decent... sigh...

Molested, payback for every torturous training he put us through haha

We partied in SOI 11, then brought the party over to SOHO where there's better music and the girls were dying to boogie!

Some dude took over my camera and started taking pictures of absolutely everything, everywhere and everyone. After that night, male camwhorers like Siva and Zeek both lose hands down to him. Out of 100++ pictures he took that night, 70% has his face in it @_@

Every picture was "fingered"

My favorite pic of the lot, KRAAAZZZYY bunch~!

This was only half the people who were there

The next day in training, someone mocked us by saying...

Ermm shouldn't have gone hardcore that night...

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