First day race

Tonight's hot shower had never felt better. The joy of finally having that fierce splash of water flowing down the head was just... awesome. I have been longing for a shower since like the whole day.

Another day of running under the hot scorching sun, camwhoring, talking, laughing, enjoying the company of great people and checking out cute/hot guys which unfortunately they have the body but not the looks department (as if we're so gorgeous like that :p) but seriously, I have never seen so many FIT guys all gathered in one place before so it was a good eye candy :D But unfortunately too, most of them are like.. in their teens -_-

Anyway, I thought today will be a bad day. For starters, I had a nightmare, regarding my dragonboat team and a haunted house which I shall not elaborate further because I'm home alone, then when I was about to leave the house, I realized I did not have my purse with me so I panicked and had to rush to office which happily, I located my purse on the table, in one piece too! Then I went to the petrol station for gas and my credit card got stuck in the machine fml and in the end I didn't even fill up my tank and had to drive all the way down and back hoping my car won't fail on me.

As for the race... sigh... I'm ashamed to even talk about our performance. Let's just say even though we lost
like real bad :p
it was definitely a GREAT GREAT experience. I will never trade this experience for anything in the world.

Oh well guess I can't complain much... cause I didn't even row today! Because my back injury was still giving me problems, so I kinda volunteered myself when they were looking for the position of the drummer! Yes, the drummer, probably the easiest role, one that only needs to have a loud voice to motivate the team.. loud voice.. of course I have la! :P

IT WAS FUN! Only had to beat according to their strokes, yell and scream at the team to row faster :p Damn gaya u know :p even though it was kinda like a useless role because I didn't even contribute to the team :( they carried my big fat ass for about ~2000m today and yes I felt a little guilty too :P (500m race 2x to and back)

Well, we have another 200m race tomorrow like real early in the morning, gotta wake up around 6 or so to make it to the place by 8, hopefully I'm able to take part in the rowing tomorrow, as long as I don't fuck up my back injury more.

Wrapped up the day nicely with great fun with awesomest girlfriends and singing together to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours :)

Alrighty, I'm gonna call it a day... I'm tired, sleepy and soooo in need of a good night's sleep, tomorrow is another loooong day. Wish us luck, hopefully we won't lose as bad as today :p

You know, this whole thing is getting kinda addictive ;)

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