What's Next?

Boss : So how was your dragonboat competition?

Me : It was a great experience! We had lots of fun!

Boss : What did you get? First? From behind? *starts laughing hysterically -_-*

Me : NOOOO.. we got third.

Boss : Oh.... 3 teams compete only is it? *starts laughing again* (yes people, that's my oh-so-funny boss)

Me : No la... 5 teams altogether. So bad la u, think we very char is it? (we are actually but of course I'm not admitting that to him :p)

Boss : Haha no la.. just kidding. No 3 ok wat, not too bad. Good job!

Me : We could have done better.

Boss : Don't worry, you've tried it. You see you gained new experience. So what's next?

Me : What do you mean?

Boss : You know.. now that you've tried one of the traditional sports in Penang, you might as well give others a try.

Me : Hmm.. true. But like what?

Boss : Hahahaha.. like LION DANCE!!!!

Me : WHAT? Siau ar? You want me to clown around in a bunny suit jumping here and there? I think it'll be a very short lion too HAHAHAHA (ok, joke on myself)

Boss : What? Not bad ma, good to learn, not that easy too you know.

Me : It's ok, I'll pass.

Boss : Oh there's another one you can try.

Me : What?

Boss : CHINGAY!!!!

Me : YOU THINK I'M NOT SHORT ENOUGH IS IT? You want me to carry a heavy pole on my head which could possibly stunt my height more!

Boss : Ok ok, stick to lion dance then, I've never seen a dwarf lion before HAHAHAHA =))

-_-" FML

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