Pesta race updates

Am taking time off from all the weekend's hustle bustle.

Tired, was so dead tired. Woke up at 6 in the morning on Sunday and only managed to crawl to bed at 5 in the morning on a Monday. Amazed... by how much leftover/stored energy we still had after spending practically almost 24 hours under the hot sun for 2 days.

Now that I'm back here blogging in my comfy room with darkened uneven skintone, painful butt and at least 5 blue black bruises on my legs, I wished I could somehow rewind back the past 2 awesome days I'd spent with so many wonderful people around me.

I wish I have the time to write more about the weekend's events but unfortunately I don't have the copy of the pictures with me, will have to wait until I get them. Till then I have only one thing to say....


we may not be the champion but hell we went through the whole nine yards for this, kicking some Sporean as well as local asses for this

Front view

Back view

Our very first pewter medal, heck yea I'm proud! I am so so very proud of my girls, my team and friends who came all the way to support us.

Without these bunch of great people, this would have been impossible.

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  1. 6ky Says: is so high...when orgasmic :-p

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